Man-Made Wonders

Celebrating the Creativity of the Human Spirit

At Arbor View Gardens in Clintonville, WI, we recognize the ideology that gardens are much more than just collections of plants. Gardens exist only through human eyes–birds and butterflies don’t see a garden, they simply see trees for shelter and flowers for sustenance. The soul of a garden comes to life, along with the plantings, only through human ingenuity.

In every garden worldwide, there is always the human element, always the human presence. To highlight these botanical marvels, we have traced land history from the beginning of human occupation to the present. We also celebrate humanity’s creative spirit in our gardens, historical farm buildings, and teahouse through man-made works of art, which are ultimately inspired by nature itself.

Let Us Know Your Inquiries

To get additional details about our historic grounds, feel free to connect with us. We are always more than happy to answer your questions regarding our gardens.