The Perfect Wedding Venue

Make Your Special Day Even More Extraordinary

Imagine 40 acres of green landscape and gardens as well as thousands of vibrant flowers as yours for the day of your nuptial rites. Make your wedding like no other as you create memories for a lifetime. Exchange your marriage vows at Arbor View Gardens in Clintonville, WI.

If you prefer to have a traditional marriage ceremony in a church, we can still help you celebrate a garden-style wedding. Invite your family and friends for a photo session at our gardens.

Arbor View Gardens: Where Dreams Come True

For a minimum donation, you can have your ideal wedding and compose photographs against beautiful living landscapes. We use the funds we collect towards developing other gardens in our grounds.

The minimum donation for a garden wedding is $125. Prior reservations are required to prevent conflicts in scheduling and garden maintenance. A reservation for the day of your wedding can be made up to a year in advance. At the time the reservation is made, a down payment of $50 is required. If you wish to have the ceremony elsewhere but still desire garden photographs, the minimum donation is $25.

Important Reminders

Please keep in mind that our grounds exist for the public’s enjoyment and it’s likely that other people will be visiting our location during your event. To ensure that your experience fulfills your expectations, as well as guarantee the enjoyment of other visitors, we have printed wedding and photography guidelines. You may obtain a copy through the mail by request or in the visitor center during our hours of operation.